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Summer 6-16-2021


Islamic work ethics is the religion-based rules that are formed to generate workers that have high quality and productive. Hence, the objective of this article is to analyze and examine the related literatures on Islamic work ethics in Malaysia between 2010 until 2020. This study is through descriptive research based on the document analysis on previous studies and literatures on Islamic work ethics from free-of-charge and free-of-registration online journals under ‘Islamic work ethics in Malaysia’ keywords, gained from web based journals and articles which including books and conference paper. Therefore, only 33 articles that are published under journals publications comprises national and international journals were selected from several sources which are google scholar and Mendeley. Data from 33 articles had been analyzed using the Statistical Product & Service Solution (SPSS) software. This study analyzed the articles selected by looking at several variables which including number of articles published, year of publication, number of authors, research approach, subject and gender of the author. The general finding of this study shows that the Islamic work ethics issues in Malaysia discussed more on economic and finance sector compared to other sectors.