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Resource sharing is a functional as well as financial need of any library. In this modern era of information technology while information explosion is at extreme, it is impossible for a library to cover the entire surface of available knowledge. Developed countries are actual beneficiaries of this practice where idea of resource sharing has been transformed into a formal practice. Developing South Asian countries are also working on this concept in order to adopt it as a practice. This study identified the resource sharing opportunities for medical teaching libraries in Lahore with reference to perception and willingness. The sample of this study encompassed 26 leading medical libraries of all public and private degree awarding institutions in Lahore, Pakistan. The survey research method was adopted for this study. Findings showed that resource sharing is a valuable practice. It enhances the level of user satisfaction. It adds value to library collections which is not limited to library books only. Libraries are willing to initiate resource sharing through creating union catalogues. This study could be applied to all medical libraries in Pakistan to develop a real time formal resource sharing network which would accelerate performance reaming in limited financial resources.