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In this transformative world, changes are happening in all the fields, including scholarly communications are trending in the academic area of publication and access to the resources, especially emerging the wave of open access, open science and open research. The study aims to investigate the digital publishing behaviour of manuscript authors. This study applied a quantitative approach and survey questionnaire method. The researcher collected the data from 251 authors, editors, and peer-reviewers from 45 countries worldwide. The research mainly focuses on the importance, need, and author preference for open access journals. Everyone cannot use and access subscription-based journals; the critical reason is the cost of purchasing a tremendous amount. As an independent researcher, developing countries and other impoverished countries, researchers can give the utmost importance to open access journals. The author also wishes to publish a journal in open access only. The findings reveal that most authors like to publish digital and print in both formats, with chargeless publications. Open access publishing has a vital role with researchers, scholars, and students because accessing the articles is costless. The researcher publishing the manuscript is more important than the quality of the content also important in scholarly publication. Nowadays, open-access peer-reviewed journals are also equal to the paid journals.