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Summer 6-16-2021


Purpose: To evaluate the global published literature in anthropometric measurement research between 1971-2021. Anthropometry is the study of the size and shape of the human body generally refers to the measurements and data used to characterize the size of human users.

Method: Scientometric and bibliometric tools applied to analyze the research published indexed in the Scopus database. The study focused on indices, namely annual research growth, impactful author, relevant source, country collaboration, productive organization, country, etc. MS Excel, Bibexcel, RStudio (Biblioshiny), Scientopy, CiteSpace, and VOSviewer are used for the quantitative analysis.

Results: There is steady growth in the literature of 483 from 1971 till date. 2020 was the most productive year with 58 publications, more than thirteen hundred authors participated in the research, and three authored collaborations were found more popular. The journal articles are the most preferred form. Applied Ergonomics recorded as the highly impactful source, and the USA observed as the most productive country. The 'National natural science foundation of China' represented as the most active and potent funding agency