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This research utilizes bibliometric review of global management and public research in 2000-2019, through co-word analysis, co-author analysis, journal analysis, institution analysis, and country analysis. A total of 19,050 bibliographic records from Scopus core collection databases were selected and analyzed. The findings reveal an evolution of the research field on the management and public policy. This research aims to provide an understanding of trend for research on management and public policy worldwide. The results navigate that during the last twenty years, the average annual publication in the field of management and public policy was recorded approximately 568 articles, with the USA as the country with most published papers. This finding is in accordance with the institution affiliations publishing papers such as the University of Washington, Seattle (USA), as well as the authors (Mervis, J. of Eldorado Springs - USA). In general, journal publishers publish articles from the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (John Wiley & Sons Inc.). In addition, the results of the analysis also indicate the dominant study areas, which include: policy, innovation, governance, knowledge management, e-government, and sustainability issues.



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