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To create awareness about responsible conduct of research, thesis, dissertation, promotion of academic integrity and prevention of misconduct including plagiarism in academic writing among student, faculty, researcher and staff is the main challenge behind higher educational institutions in India. Up to the 2005 theses, dissertations, research papers and rare collection in most of the Indian libraries, are kept in closed access and it is very difficult to the researchers to access them as a reference source for the further study as well as to avoid duplication, to avoid plagiarism to maintain research ethics in the research, but after that in India UGC and Many higher/research education institutions taking lead to develop Institutional repositories (IR) for Collect, Manage, Disseminate, and Preserve scholarly work created by the Teachers and researchers.

In this regard, this research paper presents the National Policy framework in India for building ETD repositories i.e UGC Regulations 2005, 2009, 2016 and 2018 as well as present Indian scenario in developing the Institutional Repositories. Total 84 Institutional Repositories in India have been analyzed based on selected study criteria like Type of IR, Present Status of Institutional Repository, software used for repositories, total no of items available in IR, total ETD available in IR, subject wise analysis, language wise analysis, issues and barriers in developing IRs/ETDs in India