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Purpose: This study is designed to examine the relationship of learning behavior with the level of expertise among library professionals working in Pakistan. It aims to compare the level of professional skills for different library areas. The study also explores the correlation of demographic factors with the level of expertise.

Research Methodology: A quantitative research design is used to carry out the current study. A structured questionnaire is developed to seek responses from respondents. Some hypotheses are developed to check these relationships. Library professionals working as practitioners in different library sectors or faculty members teaching at library schools are the population of the study. A convenient sampling technique is used to collect data. The Link to the online questionnaire was shared on social media and LISTSERVS for recruitment of data. Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyze data.

Practical implications: This study will show the perspectives and dynamics of learning among library professionals working in different capacities in Pakistan. Results will help in measuring the level of expertise among library professionals in different library specializations. Organizational and personal issues that were instrumental and detrimental to their learning will help planning future professional development programs. It will also serve as a guideline for improvement in expertise among library professionals and a baseline for future longitudinal studies across different disciplines.