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Objectives: The primary purpose of this study was to determine the Law Library usage patterns of law students in the public sector universities of Punjab, Pakistan. It analyzed the legal information needs of law students along with the purpose of their visits, availability of services, and major problems faced by law students in the law libraries.

Methodology: This empirical study was conducted while using a survey design. A structured questionnaire was distributed among the participants of the study using a convenience sampling technique. Collected data was analyzed and interpreted through the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS V23). Descriptive statistics were used and data was presented in form of frequencies, modes, standard deviation, and percentages.

Findings: The study revealed that the majority of law students visit the law library once a month. It also transpires that the main purpose of visiting the law library is to work on class assignments and preparation for exams. The study pointed out major problems faced by the law students in law libraries that included the non-availability of a law librarian, non-availability of online databases, and non-availability of legal research journals. The study also recommends reforms to improve the situation in law libraries which ultimately help to raise the legal education standards in Pakistan.



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