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Summer 6-18-2021

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This study analyses Covid-19 and Emergency Medicine research output during 2020-2021 on different parameters including global publications share, citation impact, contribution of authors and patterns of research communication in most productive and preferred journals. Web of Science Citation Database has been used to retrieve the data for 2 years (2020-2021) with 991 publications using the combined search of Covid-19 with topic field and Emergency Medicine with using Web of Science Subject Categories. The USA tops the list, with a publications share of 38.6%(383) followed far by Italy and UK ranks second with 7.7%(76), Canada with 7.6% and India ranks 14th positions with global publications share of 1.7 %(17)). The most productive Institutions are: Harvard Medical University lead with 34 Publications and received 134 Citations followed by University Toronto with 29 (96 Citations), Massachusetts Gen Hospital with 26 (86 Citations), Monash University with 22 (92 Citations), Columbia University and University Ottawa with 18 publications. The top most 5 preferred Journals are: AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE (IF: 1.70 with 141 publication followed far by ANNALS OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE (IF: 5.35) with 97 publications, RESUSCITATION (IF: 4.57) with 77, WESTERN JOURNAL OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE (IF: 1.80) with 71 and EMERGENCY MEDICINE JOURNAL (IF: 2.04) with 64. But its average annual publication growth rate and global publication share is high and Citation quality as reflected in Average Citations Per Paper is less. Concludes that the research needs to increase its output and bring about improvement in the quality of its research efforts. This can be done by investing much more international collaboration and by modernizing and strengthening its research infrastructure in the field of Medicines.