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Fall 9-13-2021

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The use of gold is the beginning of the development of the monetary system in the world. The development of gold currency which has long been practiced, has undergone several evolutions from time to time. As a consequence, this evolution has implications for the development of research using gold currency. Therefore, this study aims to provide quantitative information on the development of gold currency literature. There are 917 papers in journals, books, book chapters, conference papers, and review papers indexed and indexed by the Scopus database from 1899-2021. We employed VOSViewer and Excel software to synthesize and analyze the data. This research is limited to the Scopus database related to gold currency. In addition, we find macroeconomic trend that often arise, which are related to the use of gold as a hedge and safe haven. Therefore, the author provides an overview of several studies that discuss the advantages of gold currency as the findings in this paper. In the context of gold currency, to the best of the authors’ knowledge, the bibliometric approach has not been applied previously in literature before. This study also provides an Islamic perspective on gold currency.