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This study is based on The University of Mumbai. The data for analysing is used from Web of Science


The study deals with the analysis of research output by the University of Mumbai from 2001 to 2019. The University has published 3362 articles, out of which 3205 research articles, proceeding articles, and reviews are taken for study. The year-wise distribution shows the highest publications found in 2008 with 260 articles. The study used Domestic Collaboration Index (DCI) and International Collaboration Index (ICI). It shows the highest domestic collaboration in 2011 (112.36) and the highest international collaboration in 2006 (179.15). The study used the specialisation index (SI), and as per SI, the University of Mumbai has specialised in Engineering with a 1.194 score. The study used a Priority Index (PI) to denote the correspondence of research efforts taken by the University of Mumbai with the efforts given by India. It shows that the University of Mumbai corresponds in ‘Medical Chemistry’ in Chemistry, ‘Acoustics’ in Physics, ‘Microbiology’ in Biology, and ‘Food Science and Technology’ in Engineering with the highest Priority Index value in these sub-subjects. It also provides the information on which sub-subjects the University of Mumbai focuses on and emphasises its research efforts. Priority Index also reflects India’s research priority in Science and Technology with World’s research efforts in major sub-subjects. ‘Yadav G.D.’ is the most productive author with 132 research articles. The study also evaluates and ranked by authors productivity, authors impact on research and most relevant journals.