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Summer 6-20-2021

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The present study was conducted to develop and validate a happiness program for librarians based on Fordyce's happiness fundamentals. The present research is applied in terms of purpose and educational program construction. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, by qualitative content analysis, the steps of developing the training program and its validity were performed. Based on the findings of the content validity index, the approved activities were divided into services such as providing ancillary services, providing social services, providing independent learning services, refreshing the public library environment, and so on. The activities expressed in the content validity index scored above 0.79. Since human resources and librarians have a direct and effective role in improving the quality of services. It is requried the development and implementation of programs tailored to their needs so that librarians understand the needs of users and have the necessary sense of trust and confidence and have motivation and passion for work and profession. Therefore the present research for the purpose of improving the service quality of the public libraries developed and validate the librarian’s Happiness Program Based on Fundamentals of Fordyce. Therefore, this research could be valuable in the field of cognitive empowerment for librarians' happiness and consequently improving the quality of services.