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This study aimed to find out more detail about the “Jurnal Lingkungan dan Bencana Geologi” which was published during 2016-2020. This was seen from the distribution of articles each year, author contributions, authorship patterns, number of pages, reference literature, and analysis of their citation. This study used bibliometric analysis as the method and the source was taken from the page as data collection. The data was processed and analyzed using Ms. Excel and Publish or Perish (PoP) Application. The results of the study concluded that JLBG was published twice a year and published 75 articles during 2016-2020, those written by 237 authors, consisting of 11 articles written by single authors (15%) and 64 written by collaborative authors (85%). The number of article pages published by JLBG during the 2016-2020 period was 814 pages, and the reference literature used was 1457 consisting of 737 (50.58%) primary libraries and 720 secondary libraries (49.42%). JLBG had been cited 72 times, most articles had 7 citation numbers, the overall JLBG citation rate each year during 2016-2020 was 14.40 and the citation of each article was 0.96, besides the numbers h-index 4, g-index 5, hI, norm 3, and p. 0.60.