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Open Access has already been there for last two decades as a model of scholarly communication. Among its multiple forms, Green Open Access or author self-archiving is increasingly becoming popular because of its barrier free (financial, technical and legal) and independent nature of publishing scholarly content. E-LIS, the discipline specific digital open archive aims to showcase e-prints of research papers in LIS and related fields. The present paper is the result of an effort to find out the contributions to E-LIS from Turkey which is the eighth major contributing nation in European continent (i.e. 417 out of 7556 submissions of papers) to E-LIS repository. Mr. Tonta, Yasar, a Professor in the Department of Information Management of Hacettepe University in Turkey has been found to be the highest contributing author to E-LIS repository. More than half of the archived papers are reprints of published journal articles, i.e, 222 (53.23%) and the rest include other forms of publications and unpublished works archived in E-LIS from Turkey. The study found that Turkish authors in LIS are the strong advocates of Open Access philosophy in Europe.



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