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Purpose – The main purpose of the current study was to explore the research output of Government College University, Lahore Pakistan in terms of publications, citation trends, major research areas, co-authorship patterns, preferred journals, keywords used, and funding sponsored.

Design/methodology/approach – Current study used bibliometric analysis methodology for achieving the objectives. Data were extracted from the Scopus database through a query. Query was executed in June 2021 at Prince Sultan University; Saudi Arabia and 6085 publications were retrieved. Inclusion and exclusion criteria were also defined. The results were filtered according to the inclusion/exclusion criteria. Finally, 6008 records were included in the final analysis which included articles, conference papers, reviews, and book chapters from 1908 to June 13, 2021. MS Excel, VOS Viewer, and Biblioshiny software were used for data analysis.

Findings – Findings showed that publications and citation trends of Government College University remained low. However, the progress of publication and citations started in 2005. The top ten research areas were consisted of science subjects. Social Sciences, Arts, and Humanities had no publications in the top ten areas. The majority of collaborated work from GC University authors was observed with the University of the Punjab, Lahore, University of Sargodha, and the University of Agriculture Faisalabad. GC University authors also collaborated with international authors, but this collaboration was less as compared to collaboration at the national level. The top funding sources for research was HEC Pakistan. However, international funding sources were also found.

Originality/Value – Current study is unique because, with the best of research knowledge, no study has been conducted regarding the research productivity of GC University, Lahore in past. The current study has practical implications in the sense that it is helpful for authorities of the University in allocating funds for research. The current study provides a comprehensive and collective picture of the research productivity of GC University, Lahore which helps to identify weak and strong areas related to research.

Keywords: Bibliometric Study, Government College University, Lahore. Research Productivity, Bibliometric Analysis.