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College libraries play vital role in the development of education and achievement of the institutional objectives. For the information professionals study on information needs of users is of significant importance for provision of effective information services. This study was an attempt to investigate information needs and seeking behavior of faculty members working on regular basis in the male degree colleges of District Karak. The study was aimed to identify purposes of information needs and seeking behavior, preferred sources, methods employed to obtain needed information and problems faced by them while using their college libraries. Data was collected through questionnaires using cross sectional census based survey research method with 81% response rate. Findings of the study revealed that faculty members needed information mainly for class lectures, reading and discussion with colleagues. College library and internet were the preferred channels of information seeking. Google was frequently used for online searching. Information sources were preferred in print and English language. Mostly personal visits were paid to acquire information sources from libraries. Results also showed that college faculty members complained about poor internet connectivity and insufficient number of computers in their respective college libraries. The study recommends to college administration to develop their libraries in all respect to fulfill the information needs of their faculty members effectively.