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Purpose - The review of literature aimed to determine if infopreneurship can employ Library and Information Science graduates in South Africa. The concept of infopreneurship, infopreneurship requisite competencies, areas of infopreneurship, and its challenges are discussed.

Design/methodology/approach - This paper applies a traditional literature review.

Findings - The results of the review of relevant subject literature indicate that infopreneurship, as a feature of the information sector, is practised in South Africa. Furthermore, it has established that infopreneurship is constantly developing, as are the activities infopreneurs can engage in. Notwithstanding its challenges, the findings, particularly those pertaining to the areas of infopreneurship, show that infopreneurship can be an employment option for LIS students in South Africa.

Originality/value – The review has brought together related studies in the domain in Africa and has been updated using the most recent studies, providing new information and knowledge for further practice, research, teaching and learning in the domain.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, entrepreneur, infopreneurship, infopreneur, Kirzner, Schumpeter, information broker, information consultant

Paper type: Research paper



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