Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Monsuru Quadri


This study sought to establish the availability and use of reference source as correlates of promotion of reading culture among secondary students in Oyo state, Nigeria. Reading habit enhances the academic performance of students. Therefore, students should be encouraged to inculcate in them the reading habit by providing enabling environment and infrastructures that will stimulate students to read. The study recommended that the school authorities should employ qualified school librarians to be in charge of the school libraries. Government should equip the existing school libraries with good, up-to-date, and sufficient library resources that are rich in quality, quantity and that can be varied to reflect the school curriculum at every point in time. parents should be active and establish libraries at home where early reading culture can begin and also set high standard of reading for their children and also motivate them to read on daily basis, government should equip the libraries in the secondary schools and stock them with up-to-date books which should be available for reference source, particularly on reading, provision of more public libraries in the country where reading can take place without any difficulty.