Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 6-30-2021



The aim of this research is to investigate and explore the users’ perception about the 21st century university libraries in the federal capital of Pakistan. The study examines the current status of available resources, services and facilities in the university libraries along with the incorporation of technological advances and level of satisfaction of library users regarding the available infrastructure.


Research methodology used in this study with a mixed method approach including the quantitative research method and qualitative research method. Questionnaire having the structure of open ended and closed ended question was used a data collection tool in quantitative research method while face to face interaction with the respondents through interviews was done in qualitative research method for the collection of data.


The current measures being taken by library professionals are to encourage sustainable evolution, novel growth, user’s satisfaction and to pave the way for making the 21st century academic libraries. The organizational learning traits, in academic libraries of federal capital, is gaining momentum which is a good indication towards adopting user-focused type of resources, new techniques, mechanisms, technologies and tools.

Apparently, in this research study, only the case of academic libraries in the federal capital of Pakistan was taken, but in the large scenario it also symbolizes the insight of other academic libraries of Pakistan and rest of the world as well for remodeling the traditional professional methodology to the 21st century vision of academic libraries.


This study concludes that, academic libraries, around the globe are adjusting and reshaping their resources, services, facilities and infrastructure in line with user requirements and their contemporary technologies. University libraries, in the federal capital of Pakistan, are at forefront to be shaped as the 21st century academic libraries of Pakistan.