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The present paper seeks to review the literature, through bibliometric lens, published by SpringerLink for the past decade on the concept ‘media literacy’. This study provides a detailed concept and definition of media literacy and review of related literature. The bibliographic details retrieved from SpringerLink database (https://link, by using keywords such as ‘media literacy,’ ‘media’, ‘literacy’. The bibliographical details of literature published were recorded in MS-Excel 2007 sheet. The paper shows that during 2011-2020, different categories of literature have been published and Chapter has occupied the most literature published by Springer Link. This paper also reveals that ranking of journal, authorship pattern, citation and altmetric pattern and country-wise distribution of literature etc. The Annual Growth Rate (AGR), Cumulative Growth Rate (CGR), Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) Relative Growth Rate (RGR), Doubling Time of literature followed by the indicators such as degree of collaboration; collaboration coefficient; and collaborative index have been calculated and presented.



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