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Summer 7-28-2021


When the ability to read does not match with the willingness to do so, students exhibit negative attitude to reading which is expressed by lack of interest in reading known as aliteracy. This study considered SQ3R- a reading technique as a panacea for curbing aliteracy among high school students in Ilesa, Southwest, Nigeria. Pre-test. post-test control group quasi-experimental design was used and the data analyzed using SPSS version 22 with frequency distribution and Paired Sample Test. The study involved 14 high school students, out of which, 6 (42.8%) were males while 8 (57.2%) were females. There was significant reduction of aliteracy in the pre-test (M=63.0, SD=12.9) and post-test (M=52.3, SD=11.8),t (13)=2.98,p=0.010.05 as the effectiveness of SQ3R in combating aliteracy did not depend on gender. The study recommended that school librarians and teachers should be trained to identify aliterates and to expose them to different techniques of reading which could aid reading comprehension including SQ3R so as to curb aliteracy among the students.