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This paper aimed at examining the prospects and challenges of the application of internet of things technology in library services. The internet has become a norm of contemporary way of life as everyone wishes to be connected to the internet. Besides providing a veritable platform for effective and efficient promotion of workflow and services, the rapid growth of the internet globally lies in its ability to foster and shape human relationships and communication. The internet has taken a leap forward from “internet of communication “to internet of things”, Making it possible to connect objects and transfer data with or without human intervention’. The general idea of the IoT is that everyday objects, make themselves recognizable and they obtain intelligence by making or enabling context related decisions having an ability to communicate information about themselves. The concept of internet of things, basic features of the IoT platform, architecture, prospects and challenges of deploying the IoT technology in library services was considered. The paper concludes that internet of things has a great prospect for libraries and recommended that relevant ICT skills should be embedded in all LIS programmes at the graduate and post-graduate levels. This is aimed at equipping the professional with the requisite skills for effective service delivery whereas practicing professionals should be trained or retrained to keep them abreast with relevant ICT skills for effective service delivery in the IoT enabled environment.