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In any kind of educational institute and organization, libraries are playing a crucial role. For the development of library services, skillful library professionals are indispensable. Without knowledge management skills, no one can provide essential services to the users. “Library is a growing organism” by S.R. Ranganathan (1931), based on his law, as library professionals have to adopt futuristic skills for better user services. The study investigates knowledge management skills and the chief strengths of library and information science professionals in India. For this study, data collected from the Institute of National Importance and Central Universities around India. The principal aim of this study is to understand the current scenario and data literacy skills of library professionals. The study found that 98.7% of respondents qualified for library and information science postgraduate and above. They highlighted the very important skills respondents are digital literacy skills (65.9%), soft skills (70%), organization skills (67.7%), leadership skills (70%), and English language skills (52.4%).



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