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This study focused on the role of information in the activities of non- academic staff unions (NASU/SSANU) in the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus. It analyzed the invaluable contribution of appropriate information dissemination to the achievement of the objectives of the labour Unions. The population of the study consisted of all the members of NASU/ SSANU working at the Enugu Campus of the University. However, a random sample involving the use of ninety copies of the questionnaire was conducted. Out of the ninety (90) copies of the questionnaire distributed randomly to NASU/SSANU members, seventy (70) copies (77.7%) were properly filled and returned. It was found that 53(76%) copies of the questionnaire were completed by NASU members, while SSANU members filled 17[24%} copies. Majority of the respondents had either first degrees/masters with 43(61.4%). The study has shown that the respondents understood the meaning of information with mean scores 3.53, 3.14 and 2.87, respectively. The respondents appreciated the role of information in their activities such as meetings [3.47], decision-making [3.37], rallies (3.22), and getting response from the university administration (3.17). It was found that non-availability/ misinformation on the activities of NASU/SSANU to members could create problems such as poor attendance to their rallies [3.45], non- participation of members in meetings [3.38], late response to meetings (3.37), late commencement of strike action (3.21) and non- participation of some members of the unions in voting [2.87].