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This study aims to explore the research productivity of sourced journal ‘International Journal of Jain Studies’. The data was extracted (N=59) from the website of journal by considering all types of publications during 2005-2021. The analysis was based on the scientometric indicators viz author productivity, degree of collaboration and collaboration coefficient. A total of 59 articles were published with an annual average growth rate of 39.12 percent. The total average number of authors per paper was 1.078 and the average productivity per author was 0.956. The 0.53 is the overall Degree of Collaboration for the period of seventeen years. The correlation between number of publications and number of authors inferred a significant and positive relationship and highly significant. Peter Flügel and Willem B. Bollée have produced the highest number of papers with 8.47 percent. The 2 papers by Peter Flügel have received the highest citations 14.69 percent each.