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Summer 7-3-2021


The primary goal of this present study was to access the digital library research output in the world. The study has been started to find out the growth and characteristics of digital library literature. The data are obtained from the Web of Science database in the end of May 2021. The study comprises a review of 4278 research documents published from 2011 to 2020. The various bibliometric indicators have been applied in this study, such as document types, Relative growth rate (RGR) and doubling time (Dt), most relevant authors, Authorship pattern, degree of collaboration (DC), top subject area, most relevant sources, corresponding authors country and collaboration, authors keywords, most relevant affiliations involved. The most productive year during the study was 2020 with 628 records. Zhang Y was the most relevant author, with 17 publications. The USA was found to be leading the research with 1009 articles. The top subject was Information Science & Library Science with 1591 records. Electronic Library was placed in the first rank with 169 records. The leading institution in the digital library was Wuhan University, with 71 publications. The present study is useful for the researchers interested in the field of bibliometrics as it postulates a comprehensive overview of provenance in the field of library and information science.