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This paper aims to identify the awareness and utilisation of ICT applications to facilitate research of postgraduate students. With the survey design, 346 respondents were selected out of 4907 postgraduate students from the University of Ghana and the University of Cape Coast using the stratified and convenience sampling techniques to participate in this study. Using the TAM3 theory, the study identified that most students were aware that ICT use in research can facilitate their scientific inquiries. Most students were aware of ICT tools. The results further indicated that ICT tools were well publicised. Again, most of the respondents indicated that they had adequate skills in the use of ICT to conduct research. However, their training in the use of ICT applications was inadequate. The use of ICT tools in research makes it easy for researchers to work with big data and information resources. Therefore, the awareness and publicity of research technologies to students would enhance their usage. Against this background, this paper strongly recommended that publicity of ICT facilities to students should be a priority of the academic institutions. Again, research supervisors should advise students to access and use the ICT facilities that are provided by their institutions in their research activities. It is also recommended that the ICT facilities be marketed to students and promoted extensively through social networks; Training in ICT software should be organised four times each semester.