Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 7-2021


This study was conducted to develop library services at a private elementary school by developing a system using the waterfall method and PHP framework. It is developed to provide website based library. Many users, especially librarian, experience restlessness in cataloging, processing and lending services because all the services had been processed manually. Librarian’s workload increased because there is limited number of people work in the library. The purpose of this research is to make librarian easier to provide library services which are packaged in a website based library services. This study uses the waterfall method to develop library services. The results of this study are the creation of a website based library services that has features which are an automatic barcode generator for cataloging and processing books, digital lending services, digital data management, and automatic digital reports. Also, it has library users and book data. So that, the library service can help librarian to provide real time data services and improves effective and efficient library management.



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