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Knowledge sharing (KS) plays a vital role in increasing the innovation behavior (IB) of employees which ultimately causes their job satisfaction (JS). The extant literature indicated a lack of studies that determined the effect of KS at work place on JS where the mediating role of IB was also analyzed. As, no study was conducted before on this topic considering professional nurses as a unit of analysis, therefore, this study extends the scant literature by examining the effect of KS on nurses’ JS with the mediating effect of IB. The data were collected from 208 currently working professional nurses at public and private sector hospitals of Pakistan using a quantitative survey questionnaire. Equal sized convenient sampling technique was used to select the sample from intended population. Simple linear and hierarchical regression was applied to test the research hypotheses. The findings revealed that KS and IB had positive significant effect on nurses’ JS. Further, IB fully mediated between the relationship of KS and JS. This study provides empirical evidence for positive effect of KS on nurses’ IB which significantly related to their JS. The findings suggest that health care organizations should consider the importance of KS to enhance innovation capabilities of their employees so that they could be satisfied with their job, and provide quality care to the patients.