Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Winter 7-14-2021


Career services have become essential aspect of societal growth. Students in tertiary institutions are supposed to be equipped with the right information and counsel regarding their career. Libraries have been saddled with the responsibility of providing career-based [information and counselling] services in their parent institutions to facilitate a well-structured career decision making process and be part of student’s career development framework. It is not clear if academic libraries in Nigeria provide such services. This paper therefore highlights students’ demand for and the availability of career services, mediums through which career services are provided, the prospect after establishment of the services and possible constraints facing librarians in providing the services. Findings showed that students infrequently seek for career services probably due to the inadequacy and services are offered unofficially and informally. The prospects are overwhelming positive although imminent challenges pose a threat. Useful recommendations were provided.