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Purpose: This study explores core competencies that are needed by library professionals for the implementation of Information Technology (IT) Tools in the university library of Lahore, Pakistan.

Methodology/Approach: A quantitative approach followed by survey research design was opted to complete the study on the competencies which are needed by library professionals for the implementation of Information Technology (IT) in the university library of Lahore, Pakistan. A total of 120 questionnaires were distributed among university librarians of Lahore. All questionnaires were sent through emails. 91 duly filled questionnaires were received by the researchers from the respondents. The response rate was 75.83%.

Research limitation (s): This study is limited to the university library of Lahore, Pakistan.

Key finding (s): Results of the study show that Librarians need IT skills for applying the latest technologies in their libraries. They need automation-related skills. They can't bring innovation to their libraries with a traditional mind setup. They need web-based expertise too. Library professionals need to become innovators. They require practical expertise for performing electronic services in their libraries. Library practitioners need to grab a set of learning IT methods to utilize technology. They need to participate in continuous professional development programmes.

Practical implication (s): The study recommends competencies that need to be grabbed by library professionals of the universities for implementing Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) in their libraries for providing efficient services to the users and meeting the required objectives of the organization. Emerging technologies should be implemented in the university libraries to fulfill the information and research needs of the users quickly.

Contribution to knowledge: Findings and recommendations of the study are very fruitful to adopt the latest tools of Information Technology in the university libraries.

Research type: Research

Keyword (s): Competencies of universities libraries, IT adoption in university libraries, Required core competencies



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