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The impact of COVID-19 on university library services is a less researched area. For the systematic literature review, the researchers searched Scopus, Web of Science, and Google Scholar. Initially, the researchers found 903 potentially relevant citations. From 903, 427 duplicate citations were removed. The remaining 476 articles were rechecked for relevance. There remained 34 full-text papers that were assessed for eligibility. Only 13 of these studies fulfilled the eligibility criteria to provide information on university library services in the pandemic era. PRISMA guidelines are followed in this study.

The findings of this systematic literature review contribute towards a better understanding of the impact of coronavirus on university library services. These are also useful for academic librarians to facilitate their patrons by improving their electronic resources during the pandemic situation of COVID-19. This study provides guidelines and systematic steps for evaluating the impact of the pandemic situation on university library services. This review also aids university libraries in making decisions on the adoption of digital and electronic services to support students’ e-learning programs. Through exploration and reflection, this review contributes to a newly emerging body of knowledge on university library services during the outbreak of coronavirus.