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Electronic resources generally known as e-resources are materials in digital format accessible electronically. It consists electronic journals (e-journal), electronic books (e- book), online

databases, online databases in varied digital formats. These resources play an indispensible role during Covid-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic situation has posed unprecedented challenges requiring teachers to adapt to teaching online. Until March 2020, the typical teaching situation at colleges of education was characterised by teacher trainees who convened in classrooms according to their timetables and teachers who covered their subjects’ syllabus, frequently through formal lecturing. Teacher trainees were required to listen to their teachers in a formal way.

The college lockdown confronted teachers, students, and parents with an entirely new situation. Teaching and learning during pandemic period is only possible through alternative means of education. Teachers need to use various digital tools and resources to solve problems and implement new approaches to teaching and learning process. In this present prevailing situation of Covid-19, libraries are more concerned with electronic resources as these provide accurate information with the latest data to fulfill their needs. The teacher trainees consult the electronic resources for their teaching learning process. This article focuses on various aspects of electronic resources and their subscription in colleges of education and usage by teacher trainees.