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Winter 10-1-2021

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Electronic Journal of Information System in Developing Countries (EJISDC) has already published a bibliometric study from 2000-2013, and this study is a further continuation of the pervious study from 2014-2021. The data retrieved from the Scopus database was analyzed through VOS viewer, biblioshiny, Microsoft Excel, and MS Access. This bibliometric study found the different aspects of the EJISDC, i.e., document types, publishing trends, authorship patterns, most productive countries, prolific authors, organizations, frequently used keywords, and country collaboration during 2014-21. The result found that total 346 publications having 1513 citation and most of the documents type was published research articles. The maximum publication was 51 in 2017 and received 313 citations in 2014. Authorship patterns showed that two author patterns produce maximum publications (142) with 666 citations. Heeks was the most prolific author in terms of paper publication (8 papers). South Africa and the University of Cape Town are at the top of the list to produce maximum articles during 2014-21. ICT4D was the most used keyword by the authors, and Tanzania is the top country to collaborate with other countries. Results for this study showed that the publications trend had been changed during 2014-21.