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It is evident from literature that organisations embark on Corporate Social Responsibility as a philanthropic approach and initiative to give back to society. In Ghana, Multi-National Companies (MNCs) such as Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) employ information dissemination techniques and processes to broadcast these projects to the public in a manner that reflect altruism. This study looked into MTN Ghana’s CSR `project at Akim Asafo Senior High School (SHS) to ascertain whether the altruism portrayed to the public via information dissemination of CSR projects reflect reality or mere publicity. Twenty (20) participants were sampled through the use of purposive and convenience sampling techniques. The study was a qualitative study and employed a semi-structured interview guide for the gathering of data. Content and thematic analysis were used by the study and the findings show that MTN Ghana Foundation’s dissemination of information on their CSR projects reflect reality and also enjoy some level of publicity towards the company’s image enhancement. The study recommends the need for MTN Ghana Foundation to institute a robust monitoring and evaluation system to properly monitor their CSR projects.