Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



In many universities today, certain students cannot benefit fully from their educational programs due to learning disabilities. The research sought to understand the availability and roles of assistive technologies in libraries of Kogi State. Quantitative research methodology and survey design were adopted, an online questionnaire was structured with Google forms and administered to the Kogi State Library WhatsApp group and individual mails. The total of twenty-one questionnaire from a population size of seventy-eight (78) was returned fully completed. The study found emphasis was placed on certain assistive technologies like Computers and LCD projectors, while the majority of the assistive technologies were not present at the institutions. The study further found the provision of equal opportunity and rendering of library service to users with the use of these technologies were some of the roles of Assistive technology. The study recommendations; libraries and Library management to solicit funds from relevant stakeholders (NGOs and Government organizations) to aid purchase or acquisition of certain assistive technologies that are absent from the library holdings. Also, train the trainer workshops should be organized to teach librarians on how these technologies can be used, as it will enlighten them to educate users properly.