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Purpose. This study evaluated the awareness and satisfaction of faculty members with of e-resources. The specific objectives were to identify the sources from which faculty members learn about e-resources, the extent of awareness, satisfaction and problems faced by teachers while accessing e-resources.

Research Design and Methodology. The study was quantitative, and the questionnaire-based survey was conducted to achieve the target goals. Three strata of faculty members were made, and then a sample of 340 faculty members was taken using the random sampling technique. Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 22 (SPSS) was used to analyze the data, and descriptive and inferential statistics were used according to the study's objectives.

Results. The sample constituted of 72.9% male and 27.1% female respondents. The faculty members used different sources to learn about e-resources, including self-learning, friends, workshops and course modules. Most of the teachers were aware of e-resources such as

e-books, e-journals, e-zines, and HEC databases. The results also indicated that male teachers were more aware of e-resources than female teachers. The faculty members showed a high level of stratification with sources like e-journals, e-zines and HEC databases.

Implications. The results of the study could be beneficial for the concerned authorities. The key points to be considered include 1) proper training and workshops be organized to enhance the awareness and use of e-resources among the teaching community 2) more databases should be subscribed to satisfy the information needs and enhance the research productivity.

Originality. The study is unique because such study is not conducted in the region to assess the awareness and satisfaction of faculty members with e- resources. Moreover, it will also fill the literature gap.

Keywords: Awareness of Electronic Information Resources, Satisfaction with E-resources, Electronic Information Resources, E-resources, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan



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