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Research Data Management (RDM) is an ever-evolving phenomenon focused to augment and manage the research capital of an organization, especially in context with developing countries. This study aims at to understand and highlight the state of art of RDM literature between 1989 and 2021 using Web of Science Core Collection (WoSCC) database and VOSviewer software with a bibliometric or scientometric approach thereby highlighting the most influential authors, countries, journals, institutions, and to their co-authorship pattern, co- citation pattern, bibliographic coupling pattern, the co-occurrence of keywords pattern in the field of RDM.The data comprises of a total of 797 documents ,further analysed by using VOSviewer software. Visualization analysis reveales that the number of publications related to RDM are increasing year by year, reaching a peak in 2020. The most productive author in this field is Rafael Alexandrine-benavent and USA is the most productive country published on RDM. The Zeitschrift fur Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie Journal ismost influential journal. The most frequently used keywords are data sharing, research data management, research data, science and metadata. The analysis shows collaboration relation between authors, countries and sources. The visualizations conducted on this topic offer exploratory information on current status and to identify the main trends in RDM research and its future research initiatives.