Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln



The purpose of this study was to explore students’ satisfaction with resources and services in school libraries in the Punjab, Pakistan, and to make suggestions for improving the resources and services of these libraries in accordance with students’ needs. The quantitative research method was employed to address research questions of the study. The quantitative data were collected from students of four selected schools in the Punjab, Pakistan through the questionnaire by employing the convenience sampling technique. The findings of the study suggest that the majority of the students used and visited the libraries weekly. Most of the respondents visited the libraries to read newspapers and magazines, while nearly thirty percent of students visited the libraries to borrow books. The majority of the respondents were satisfied with reference material, library collection, text books, newspapers and magazines and the catalogue available in the libraries. The respondents were also satisfied with instructional services, reprographic services, and orientation programs offered by the libraries .The findings of the study will help library management and school administration to design and improve library resources and services in accordance with students’ expectations and needs, and fulfill the students’ requirements effectively.