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The basic objective of this study is to explore the problems being faced by educationists while promoting reading habits. It also reveals the best practices and strategies which may be applied by educationists to flourish reading habits among the students.


A quantitative research method has been used followed by survey method to meet the objectives of the study. Population of the study was the educationists of 50 schools of the private sector of Lahore, Pakistan who were teaching from Grade 5 to Grade 10. Tool of questionnaire was formulated to collect data from target population. Total 1000 copies of the questionnaire were distributed among the educationists. 824 filled questionnaires were received back by the researcher. Response rate was 82.4 %. Collected data was analyzed through SPSS Software.

Research Limitation:

This study is limited to the educationists of 50 private sectors schools of Lahore, Pakistan.

Key Findings:

Results of the study show that educationists face several problems in flourishing reading habits among the children. Social media is used frequently and printed books have lost significance in the present times, and students don’t have proper family background. There is no awareness about reading importance at school level. Librarians of the schools don’t play an active role for the promotion of book reading.

Practical Implication:

The study offers strategies that need to be utilized for the effective promotion of reading campaign at school level.

Contribution to Knowledge:

Recommendations of this study will prove highly fruitful in enhancing reading habits among children.