Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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University libraries are established to meet the information needs of the university communities of which undergraduates constitute a significant portion. However, literature has shown that the level of use of the university libraries by the undergraduates is relatively low despite all the funds expended on library resources and services. This study, therefore, was designed to evaluate the level of use library resources and services by undergraduates in federal universities in the North-central, Nigeria. The five conventional federal universities in the North-central zone of Nigeria were enumerated while three homogenous faculties and six departments were purposively selected to give a sample size of seven hundred and ninety seven. Major purpose of university library use was to study (68.4%), majority of the undergraduates preferred to use university main library (66.2%) while very few of them used their libraries remotely (15.0%). Level of use of library resources and services were moderate (53.9%). Books were mostly used (= 4.36) by the undergraduates compare to the other library resources and services while loaning services were the least used (= 2.73). It was however recommended that the stakeholders in the university library should create awareness about the importance of library through current awareness programmes in order to increase library patronage.