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The importance of meeting the career information needs of undergraduate students cannot be overemphasized. Most importantly, guided by sufficient and relevant career information, students could make informed choices about their future careers or occupation thereby reducing adverse work issues. The university library as a major source of information for undergraduate students serves as one of the most preferred sources of career information. However, it is not yet very clear the extent to which university libraries meet the career information needs of undergraduate students, especially in Nigeria. Therefore, the present study was aimed at investigating the level of students' career information knowledge and university library capacity to meet students' career information needs. The study is a descriptive survey. 250 undergraduate students were sampled from five universities in Southeast Nigeria. Their responses were collected using two researcher-developed questionnaires and analysed using frequency count and percentages. Among other things, it was found that university undergraduates possess insufficient knowledge about their chosen careers. It was also discovered that university libraries rarely provide career information resources and services to their students. Such failure in living up to its expectations implies that the services and operations of university libraries need to be re-examined in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness.



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