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The study evaluated primary texts' availability and utilisation status in core subjects (English Language, Mathematics, Social Studies and Basic Science) in primary schools’ libraries in Obubra Local Government Area of Cross River State. The researchers formulated six null hypotheses to guide the study. The study adopted the descriptive survey research design. The target population of this study comprised a total of 30,036 teachers and pupils, distributed across the 73 public primary schools. A proportionate stratified sampling technique was used to select 30% and 5% of the available teachers and pupils in each school, resulting in a sample of 270 respondents. Two instruments were used for data collection: Availability and Pupils Utilisation of Primary Texts in Core Subjects Questionnaire (APUPTCSQ) and Teachers Utilization of Primary Texts in Core Subjects Questionnaire (TUPTCSQ). Collected data were analysed using descriptive statistics, while the null hypotheses were all tested at the .05 level of significance using population t-test and independent t-test statistical techniques. Findings revealed that textbooks in core subjects are available to a significant extent; the utilisation status of texts in core subjects is not significantly low; the available books in core subjects are not considerably utilised by the pupils and teachers respectively; factors affecting availability are not substantially different from those affecting utilisation of textbooks in core subjects in the area of study. Based on the study's findings, it was recommended, among others, that textbooks be procured and distributed evenly across all subjects and schools in the Local Government Area by the Government. Outdated books should also be eliminated from the school libraries frequently by the primary school librarians or other people assigned to do so.