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Objective: To determine the bibliometric study of IASLIC Bulletin –an official organ or a leading library science journal published by Indian Association of Special Libraries & Information Centres.

Methods: For the purpose of this study, 20 issues of 5 vol. of IASLIC Bulletin has been selected as the source journal. All the papers from five volumes have been scanned and analyzed with the help of spreadsheet. The total 97 articles were published during the period 2013 – 2017. The study covers the year-wise, institutions-wise, state-wise distribution of contributions, authorship pattern, citation analysis, length of the contributions etc. Citation analysis of 1369 citations includes finding out number of citations per volume, types of publications cited and preparing ranked list of cited journals in the contributions of this journal.

Results: The study shows that maximum number of articles published in the year 2014 and research papers form the majority of contributions. Most of the contributions were contributed by joint authors and state-wise distribution shows that most of the contributions were contributed from West Bengal. The study reveals that journals are the most cited publication amongst the library and information scientists. Annals of Library and Information Studies are the most cited journal in the contributions of IASLIC bulletin.

Conclusions: Results from the present study provides impetus in bibliometric study of library and information science journal. The findings of the study may be helpful to students, researchers, librarians and information scientists for understanding the trend of research and selecting the library and information science journal for subscription in the libraries.