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Published in Library Philosophy and Practice (2011) 16 p.


Adequate physical facilities such as furniture and lighting systems are essential for any meaningful academic work to be achieved in a university library. This paper assesses the adequacy and level of physical facilities in federal university libraries in Nigeria to determine the extent to which they affect undergraduate students' use of the university libraries. The study population was 1,453 undergraduates from across Arts, Education, Engineeing, Law, Science, and Social Science faculties in the selected universities and the survey research method was used for the study. The main instrument used for the data collection was a questionnaire. Descriptive statistics such as frequency and percentage tabulation were used in analyzing the data. Results revealed that the reading chairs and tables in Nigerian university libraries are comfortable for reading purposes, though, they are inadequate in number. The result equally revealed that the lighting systems of the university libraries are not bright enough for reading. To enhance the use of the university libraries by the undergraduate students, majority of the respondents indicated the need to improve the number of the reading chairs and tables available in Nigerian university libraries as well as provision of bright lighting systems in the university libraries.