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Location: Hyderabad 2021


Information is a basic need of today’s fast changing world important for one’s day to day life. People need information to efficiently carry out work in their respective fields. Media professionals working in Media organisations needs current, authoritative and factual information to construct news and programmes. Such information is made available by Media libraries in the shortest time frame to meet the targets of the Media Professionals. The information is collected from the printed as well from the electronic resources available in the Media libraries.

In view of the remarkable contribution made by the media libraries, the present research has been conceive with the broad objective of studying the adequacy and availability of information sources and how optimally the same has been used by the users. The study is confined to two Media Libraries such as The Indian Institute of Mass Communication Media Library and Anwar Jamal Kidwai Mass communication Research Centre Media Library in the NCT of Delhi have been taken for research investigation. The study adopted the survey method and data was gathered through close ended questionnaire and through in-depth personal interviews with the Media Professionals and media library staff. Two separate sets of questionnaire were used to elicit the desired information.

The Research investigation highlighted survey findings in term of availability of sources in two media libraries. Apart from media professionals and media librarians, the library use pattern, e-resources use pattern, library visit pattern and the problems encounter by media professionals in accessing the information sources etc. were highlighted. At the end, the researcher made some suggestions and important recommendations for the overall improvement in providing quality services to the users.