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My area of research is Libraries in Television Media, in this area, there is very little literature available, and tried to provide the needed information from my side. I have also corrected the article as per your recommendations.

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In the year 1959, Television media has started as an experiment and since then it is a part of media in India. This paper examines the information archives management of Television media from a technical as well as an intellectual point of view and discusses how they organize and manage the information in these organizations. (“Television”,2021) Television media are very rich in providing digital information, which is electronically accessible, and therefore for an effective information cycle, archives were developed in such places. Here, information can be found in different formats i.e. .mpeg, .mp3, .mp4, .mov, etc., and in different types of storage devices like DVDs, tapes, SD cards, etc. Due to the diverse storage formats, the archivist or librarian often has to face challenges. Moreover, there is no specific or uniqueness in software so that data can be effectively managed. These types of the library need technologies to meet the present-day challenges and cope up with the space scarcity problem along with meeting long-time preservation goals. How a librarian manages the information in a Television still an area that is rarely discussed! A study has been conducted to get a clear picture of the information management done in one of such Television media libraries in Assam.