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his research work studied Information on effective current awareness services display for utilization of resources in tertiary institutions libraries in Cross River South Metropolis. A descriptive survey research design was adopted with a sample of 600 respondents from three tertiary institutions. Questionnaire was the only instrument used for data collection. Data were analyzed using tables and simple percentage calculations. It was found that users had knowledge of many CASs. Prominent among them were; List of new arrivals, in-house shelve exhibition, telephone services, social media group, Facebook Selective dissemination of information and YouTube. Again, the study revealed that respondents make used of both the traditional, ICT based CASs, and they include: in-house shelve exhibition, list of new arrivals, magazines /newspaper clipping, telephone services, social media group, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, online database searching and publishers’ exhibition but majority of the later, were used outside libraries. However, it is always better when researchers know about present works already done in divers’ professions. This would spur up the planning and execution of other researches for the future of any profession and this is where CAS is a sine qua non in the picture, for an answer. Being that the advantages of CAS are notably less than the disadvantages, it is proper to put some structures in place to enable its effectiveness. While libraries are still struggling for the needful to be done by stakeholders, users’ have gone ahead to connect with their friends to get the information which libraries should be first in encouraging them upon. Therefore, let the Management of Universities give allowance to Librarians for fee-based services so they could push forward the needful services. This would cater for those things that should be done to boost library services but are marking time since the issue of budget cuts have become stagnant plagues. The originality in this study is revealed in the perspective of CASs with regard to increasing ICT platforms which needs to be utilized for better rendition of library services.