Libraries at University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Date of this Version

Summer 8-30-2021


Current study aimed at examining the role of TQM pillars (Product, Process, Organization, Leadership and Commitment) in increasing information security within Jordanian e-libraries. Quantitative approach was adopted through distributing an online questionnaire on (113) individuals working within libraries in Jordan that has an uploaded website online and present some of it services online for clients. Results of study indicated that all TQM pillars have an influence on information security in libraries, the most influential variables appeared to be commitment and process which could be highlighted in the libraries efforts to commit to security standards and secure log ins of members, in addition to the processes adopted by IT department in the library to follow any gaps in the website and secure it from hackers and misuse, among the influential variables there appeared that leadership is very impactful especially in the level of empowerment that is granted to leaders and their awareness of the important of connecting between TQM and information security in libraries. Study recommended that university libraries in particular derive its security from the university itself because it is an integral part of the university. Therefore, the study recommends the necessity of following up the total quality standards in the university itself because it reflects the total quality in all its facilities, the most important of which is the libraries.