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This study investigated information needs and preferred sources among engineering lecturers in North Western, Nigeria. The study was guided by three objectives they are: to determine the information needs of engineering lecturers, to examine the preferred sources of information among engineering lecturers in universities in North west Nigeria, and to find out the challenges on the provision and use of preferred sources of information in universities in North west Nigeria. The study adopted descriptive research design. The population for the study comprised of 428 engineering lecturers across universities in North Western Nigeria. Total enumeration/census method was employed and a self-designed closed ended structured questionnaire was used for data collection. Mean and standard deviation were used for data analysis. Findings from the study revealed that engineering lecturers need information majorly on teaching and research activities, provision of adequate information resources, and adequate bibliographic control of engineering research. Inadequate funding for the provision of preferred information sources, Low Internet bandwidth to use the preferred information sources, and High cost of printed preferred information sources and lack of subscription to engineering databases were the challenges facing information provision and used preferred sources of information by the engineering lecturers in the universities under studied.